So, How's this virtual, remote, hybrid in your face teaching world working for YOU?
This form is for:
Collecting proof of participation in order for folks to receive PD credit. Also, for collecting questions and comments for the MVC 2020 session
Add your email address here if: You need PD credit from the ROE for this session; and/or if you'd like follow up information and a link to the recording of the session.
You can add a question or comment in the YouTube stream chat stream (just know that it may lag a couple of minutes, but we'll follow it.) But if you have a deeper question, something that needs a longer response or some resources, add it here, please. It will be followed up on. *
What's gone RIGHT for you, school-wise, so far? *
What do you think learning might look like two years from for your classroom, your school? *
What would a successful school year (this year) look like to you? -- personally, professionally, in terms of you and/or your students?
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