Leeds Softball 2020 league: New player sign-up
Hey you! Thanks for your interest in playing in our outdoor league.

Due to Covid-19, we're currently on hiatus until it's safe to play out again.

However, teams are still looking for new players (male, female, and beyond) to fill their teams.

Fill in the below form with your details and we'll do our best to match you with a team that you'll feel right at home with.

You don't need any experience to play matches, and our helpful players will guide you through all aspects of the game. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming and friendly sport. You're gonna have a great time!

Games are usually played on Wednesdays from 6:45pm in north Leeds (exact location TBC).

We'll be in touch once we've assigned you a team (we're aiming to assign all players by early to mid-April).

How will I be assigned?
We'll look at your playing ability and experience and go from there. Right now there are two divisions in Leeds Softball. Division 2 is ideal for complete novices, while Division 1 is a touch more competitive, and aimed at those with direct experience (or similar) of the game. It should be noted however that wherever you end up, teams in both divisions will give you the welcome, training and guidance you need.

What if I want to be put in a team with my friend?
You can! Just let us know below.
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Email *
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Do you have any previous softball experience? (If yes let us know what kind of team you'll be looking for)
How did you hear about us?
Would you like to be placed in a team with another friend/partner? If so, enter their name(s) below:
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