Application form Werchter Boutique 2019
Please order your tickets first and then fill in this form.

The entered data will only be used for Werchter Boutique and entered into the internal database of Inter. Inter will under no circumstances transmit personal information to third parties. You can ask to check or have your data deleted at any time by sending an e-mail to
To provide an allround service, we will store your personal data for a periode of 6 months after the event. If you wish to use the services of Inter, it is important to check the box of the following privacy request.

​People with a disability who choose to use the wheelchair platform need to buy SPECIAL TICKETS​. You can buy these tickets as from friday 9 November, 10h00 by filling out the following form:

This platform is not only intended for wheelchair users. Also people who have difficulties with walking of standing, due to disability or illness, people with restricted growth or short stature, people with visual impairments... can buy special tickets.

IMPORTANT: You can only buy a maximum of 2 tickets for the wheelchair platform. The tickets have to be registered under the name of the disabled person, not the name of the companion!

If you do not wish to use the wheelchair platform, simply buy ordinary tickets. However, if you want to use other facilities, please fill in the form below.

Do you have a visual impairment or it's not possible to fill in the form because of an other impairment? Send an e-mail to with your name and phone number, the responsible Inter employee will contact you.

Please fill in the request form for facilities for people with a disability before May 15, 2019.

Privacy *
Personal Data
If data would change before the festival (phone number, address, ...), let us know.
Surname disabled person *
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First name disabled person *
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Contact person
Fill in the blank if the disabled person is not the contact person.
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E-mail address *
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Portable phone number *
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Street *
Mention the address of the person with a disability!
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Number *
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Additional number
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City *
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Only necessary if you do not live in Belgium
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Type of impairment *
Also people with a temporary disability can use the facilities. Mention this clearly and give extra information next to ‘Anders’.
Facilities for people with a disability
Inter will decide which facilities you can use based upon the nature of your disability. We ask you to send us a document to show that you have a disability: all scans or photos of documents (parking cards, medical certificates, medical statements…) are to be send to Be sure to mention your name and the event in question.

We will confirm your application after having received the document in question.

Have you bought special tickets for the wheelchair platform? *
You are obliged to have these tickets to be able to use the wheelchair platform.
Are you coming by car? *
From now on, parking tickets will be sold in presale. If you want a parking space, Inter will send your data to Ticketmaster. They will contact you (at the end of the month that Inter confirms your application) concerning the payment of the parking ticket.
Do you wish to use the alternative entrance for people with health conditions or impairments? *
Only 1 companion can accompany you through this entrance.
Would you like assistance from our Inter volunteers during the festival? *
Is it necessary for you to be able to bring a folding chair on the festival ground? *
People having difficulties walking or standing can bring their own folding chair by exception. Folding chairs up to 50 cm (without backrest) are allowed without authorisation.
Are you bringing medication that requires cold storage? *
Do you need to bring your own food or beverages onto the festival area because of medical reasons or health problems? *
If so, you need to send Inter a medical certificate that proves why you need your own beverages/food
Do you wish to use the loop system at the festival? *
A loop system cuts out unwanted background noises for people using a hearing aid. This way they can fully enjoy the concert.
If you wish to add other comments which are relevant for this event, please fill them in below.
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I understand that my request is final after having send a medical certificate or a copy of my European blue parking card AND after having received approval by e-mail. *
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