Rodion Application
- Term and conditions -

~ Apply only if you are older than 13 years old.

~ You must join our Minecraft Server and Discord Server before apply .

~ You must be active in game and able to multi task.

~ You must be able to voice call, no mic? use phone work too.

~ You should act with maturity not childish manner.

~ You should be able to handle the responsibility.

~ You must not ask for any question about Application, asking for review on your application and do not ask any staff to check your application. Might decrease your chances.

~ We don't need staff hunter, apply only if your playtime over 24 Hours verify either in Prison or Survival

~ Please give us more information to increase your chances.

~ You didn't join the discord server. Join the discord

NOTE: Re-Apply have to wait 3 days after the day been denied, spam application will be ban from Rodion Network.

NOTICE: you will be notice once you are accept to be our staff member, however if more than 5 days no reply that mean you been denied.
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(in Game Name) IGN: *
Please post a your username in game
Discord Username and Code: *
Please post a your discord Username#0000 ( Example: DanelSonic123#3167 )
Do you have enabled 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) on Minecraft,Discord,Rodion Forums,Etc...? *
Some people were hacked from Russian attacking, Read YouTube and watch | NOTE: recommend enable 2FA your account discord,game,etc
When were you born? (Birth Date) *
If you put your birthday it wont be accepted
Timezone (UTC): *
EST,ART,BST,UTC,etc time link recommend
Why should we hire you in our team? (Write at least 40 words ) *
How can you benefit Rodion? ( write at least 40 words ) *
What can you provide help in discord community? ( write at least 40 words ) *
Do you have any previous experience? (if so, tell us your experience of being a staff member) ( write at least 30 words ) *
Another player tell you that someone is hacking, what will you do. *
If you false ban or mute a player, what will you do and why. *
How many hours can you contribute in server per day? *
Anything else? { optional }
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