Rodion Application
You must have discord, and have join our discord server

You should act with maturity not childish manner

You should be able to handle the responsibility

You must not ask for any question about Application or asking for review on your application

Apply only if you are older than 13 years old

We don't need staff hunter, apply only if your playtime over 24H either in prison or skyblock

Please give us more information to increase your chances.

Do not ask any staff to check your application
(in Game Name) IGN: *
Age: *
Timezone (UTC): *
Discord Username and Code: *
Why should we hire you in our team? (Write at least 80 words ) *
How can you benefit Rodion? ( write at least 80 words ) *
What can you provide help in discord community? ( write at least 80 words ) *
Do you have any previous experience? (if so, tell us your experience of being a staff member) ( write at least 50 words ) *
Another player tell you that someone is hacking, what will you do. *
If you false ban or mute a player, what will you do and why. *
How many hours can you contribute in server per day? *
Anything else? { optional }
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