The Food Journey: Bristol Museum (March 30)
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Please complete the rest of the form below to sign up to attend The Food Journey©, we need this information so we can properly cater for your needs). Thank you!
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To ensure you are comfortable and can learn and contribute to shared learning
Four quick questions to ensure this.
1. Welcome to the (Food) Journey. Have you ever 'travelled' on a Community Centred Knowledge Journey before? *
2. If you have, where and when was this?
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3. We'd like to make sure you feel as comfortable as this reflective experience can allow. We want to find out if you have any allergies or intolerances. (We (and you) will handle various natural materials and we will offer a variety of VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE and NUT FREE foods, we will also offer various aromatic and textural experiences). Please let us know if we need to watch out for ANYTHING you may be intolerant of/allergic to, so that we can take the best care of you possible. *
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4.. We will be journeying in our minds, through our bodies to explore the origins and narratives pertinent to how we came to be a nation which consumes the world and how it has shaped our everyday relations with food. Naturally, some of this may raise deep thoughts and questions (we hope it will!) and there may be a certain level of discomfort. We will be handling you very gently throughout, however, and you can trust that we have your best learning at heart and hand. Please let us know what you think about this and if there is anything we need to be mindful of. We will ensure this information will be kept in absolute confidence, *
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5. You will be wearing a blindfold throughout the first part of the experience for approximately 45 minutes. We will give them to you as you enter and you will put them on yourself (though we can help if you request) when we are about to start the Journey. How do you feel about this? Wearing the blindfold may make your other experiences more intense. If you feel overwhelmed, you are at liberty to leave the experience and sit in an adjacent space to readjust. Just raise your hands to let us know and we will escort you out and have a chat with you if requested. You can request to rejoin afterwards if you'd like but just be mindful of disruption to others. *
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We hope you will be comfortable with the above and allow yourself to be carried away on the multi-sensory journey. The majority of participants will be seated on chairs for the majority of the experience and we will take very good care of each of you throughout. Participants usually find the experience both fun and insightful, a great form of learning! We welcome your feedback as to how we can improve the experience, so please feel free to share this once the workshop is complete.
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