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Welcome! Please use this form to place a custom order of our delicious, free range, GMO-free, pasture raised and grass fed meats. Select from our available cuts of chicken, pork, and beef - and add on some of our fresh eggs if you like. All meat is frozen unless otherwise indicated. When you're finished, you'll choose where and when to pick up or receive your order and how you will pay for it. We're looking forward to seeing - and feeding - you soon!

NEW! HOME DELIVERY: Minimum order $20. Delivery fee of $5 waived for orders of $50 or more. Dates and locations listed on page 2. We will arrive sometime between 10am and 5pm on delivery days. Order deadline is 11am the day before.
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Pasture Raised Eggs and Chicken
Eggs $5.50/dozen
Whole Chicken $5.60/lb ~3.5-5.5lb - SOLD OUT - visit squarerootsfarm.org to sign up for the first fresh chickens of 2020 with a chicken share
If ordering whole chickens, what size do you prefer?
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Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $13.95/lb, number of pounds -SOLD OUT
Thighs $8.90/lb, 4/package, 1-2lb packages - Sold Out
Drumsticks $7.50/lb 4/package, ~1lb packages - SOLD OUT
Wings $5.50/lb, ~5lb packages - SOLD OUT
Soup Packs (backs, necks) $2.95/lb ~2.5lb packages - SOLD OUT
Livers $5/lb ~1lb package - Sold Out
Hearts $3/lb ~1lb package - Sold Out
Feet $1/lb ~5lb package - available intermittently
Pasture Raised Pork
Ground Pork $9/lb 1lb package - SOLD OUT
Pork Chops $10.90/lb ~1-1.5lb package, 2 chops per package - SOLD OUT
Rack of Ribs $9.90/lb ~1.5-2lb SOLD OUT
Boston Butt Roast $9.90/lb ~2.5-3.5lb - SOLD OUT
Tenderloin $16.50/lb ~0.5-1lb - SOLD OUT
Country Style Ribs $8.50/lb ~1-2lb - SOLD OUT
Smoked Shank $8/lb ~1-2lb
Bulk Sweet Italian $10/pkg, ~1lb - SOLD OUT
Sweet Italian Links $10/pkg, 4 links per package - SOLD OUT
Hot Italian Links $10/pkg, 4 links per package - SOLD OUT
Breakfast Links $10/pkg, 8 smaller links per package - SOLD OUT
Bulk Breakfast Sausage $10/pkg - Climbing Tree Farm
Regular Bacon $14/lb ~1lb package - SOLD OUT
Shoulder Bacon $14/lb ~1lb package (rounder shape, leaner and meatier than regular bacon) - SOLD OUT
Jowl Bacon $13/lb ~1lb package - SOLD OUT
Bacon Ends $12/lb ~1lb package - SOLD OUT
Bones and Organs
Neck bones, trotters (feet), tail, liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, $2.50-$3/lb
Please describe what you are looking for.
100% Grass Fed Beef
Ground $8/lb ~1lb package
Stew meat $8/lb ~1lb package - SOLD OUT
Sirloin Steak $14/lb 1.5-2.5lb - Sold Out
Sirloin Tip Steak $13/lb 1.5-2.5lb - Sold Out
London Broil $14/lb 1.5-2.5lb - SOLD OUT
T-bone $16/lb 1-2lb
Ribeye $16/lb ~1lb
Porterhouse $18/lb 1-2lb
Filet mignon $22/lb ~0.5lb - Limited quantity
Ribs, Roasts, and More
Short Ribs $7/lb, .25-1lb packages
Brisket $10/lb, ~3lb packages SOLD OUT
Eye Round Roast $9/lb, 1-2lb - SOLD OUT
Bottom Round Roast $9/lb, 2-4lb - SOLD OUT
Chuck Roast $8.50/lb, 2-4lb - Sold Out
Shanks $7/lb, ~1lb package
Organs and Bones
Tongue, oxtail, liver, marrow bones, soup bones, neck bones, heart, kidneys $2.50-$4/lb
Please describe what you are looking for
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