DDMMBA Family Camp Registration Form / 法鼓山普贤讲堂亲子一日营报名表
Time: July 6, Saturday, 10AM - 5PM; 7/6/2019, 周六, 上午10点-下午6点

Location: DDMMBA (法鼓山普贤讲堂): 319 Lowell Street, Lexington, MA 02420

Cost: 10/person (same amount for child and parent), please bring cash or check and pay at the registration desk on the day of the camp upon arrival; 10美元/人(不论大人或小孩), 请于当天参加时在签到处交费

Contact: ddmmbafamily@gmail.com



10am-10:30am:开营,ice break游戏,学唱营歌
11:10-12pm:心灵环保 (法师主讲)
12-12:40pm:午餐 (佛堂提供)

1-1:30pm Playground Play Time
1:30-2pm 过五关游戏
2:10-2:50pm:托水钵加road block
3-3:15pm: 跑香念佛
3:15-3:45pm:点心break (佛堂提供)
3:45-4:45pm:小菩萨给家长奉茶 (佛堂请老师讲解如何奉茶品茶)


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I. I grant permission to Dharma Drum Mountain Massachusetts Buddhist Association (DDMMBA) to take and publish photographs of my child for any legitimate purposes. II. I do hereby give authority to DDMMBA to obtain the necessary emergency medical treatment for my child, with the understanding that the family be notified as soon as possible. III. I understand and agree that DDMMBA assume no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss, or illness sustained at the camp. I am fully responsible for the damage or loss of my child’s personal belongings. By typing the guardian or parent's full name below, you consent to the above.
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