OuiShare Summit Travel Cost Stipend Application
If you are a OuiShare Connector or active member, you can use this form to apply for support in covering part or all of your travel costs to the OuiShare Summit in Hvar, Croatia in May 2018. Please only apply if you are not able to join the summit without this support.

Since our travel fund has a limited budget and we would like as many of OuiShareans as possible to be able to benefit from this support, please only ask for as much support as necessary and be thoughtful in choosing your transport options.

Application process:

1. Submit this form by April 15, 2018.
2. Based on how many applications we receive, we will let you know how much we can cover.
3. Ehab will come back to you with the reimbursement modalities.
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How much are your travel expenses? *
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Have you been involved in OuiShare projects in the past and if yes, which one? *
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