Please be aware that we are not in a position to pay individual speakers. People tend to enjoy speaking at the festival as part of an ongoing drive to improve education, to promote their own brand and services, network and gain a mutually rich experience.

We provide speakers with free entry + 1, lunch, and an opportunity to promote publications or resources through our marketing channels, and on the day. Speakers are also invited free of charge to the after-party.

You can return to this form at a later date to complete it if you need.

Please send any images to with clear labeling on the file name or if you would prefer to send an attachment, please upload to:

The minimum information we need at the start of the process is as follows:

- Name, email, company, position, phone
- Your photo and / or logo
- Working title
- Proposed format

It would be very helpful to have:

- Print bio: approx three to six sentences
- Web / editorial bio: approx 10 to 15 sentences as close to how you would like it displayed as possible
- Web links, articles, social media

We will eventually need all the information in the form

Once we have your basic information, we will contact you if we can see that it fits into the overall content themes, blend of formats, existing content and logistics.

Thanks for offering content - we really appreciate your time and intention to support the movement!

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- Print bio: approx three to six sentences
- Web bio: approx 10 to 15 sentences
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