Call for Proposals
For Camp Fete, we are asking for something different than in years past. Instead of traditional presentations and panels, we are seeking MAPP alumni to lead experiential activities. If you would like to submit a proposal to lead a hands-on/experiential activity, please complete the following survey by JUNE 30.

Think of Positive Psychology related themes: elements of PERMA, mindfulness, communication skills, rituals, character strengths, movement & vitality, positive habit-building, arts & humanities (e.g. theater, music, storytelling).

Examples of experiential activities include:
- Games or ice-breakers that help develop skills, trust, communication, or group cohesion
- Organizational interventions (e.g. reciprocity ring)
- Techniques to illustrate positive psychology concepts
- Projects that foster creativity
- Other activities or positive interventions that we haven’t even thought of!

Activities should be:
- Related to a Positive Psychology theme
- Hands-on and experiential (can also include a short discussion/debrief, but please emphasize the experience)
- 15-60 minutes in length
- For whole group, medium size, OR small group

Any questions? Email Ken & Sophia at and

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