InterVolve Volunteer Checklist and Application Form
Thank you for applying to support refugees in Greece with InterVolve.

InterVolve is a Greek founded and registered civil non profit partnership based in Thessaloniki. InterVolve supports both the local community as well as newcomers and those passing on through Greece. We are a flexible and dedicated team taking grassroots action to ensure human rights are accessible for everyone, with a current focus on asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Northern Greece.

InterVolve condemns violations of human rights which perpetuate the suffering of both asylum seekers, and other communities. We work through grassroots action to address these inequities and advocate for the human rights of all.

InterVolve identifies and fills gaps, meeting needs effectively by engaging with communities, partner organisations and authorities, and by acting with integrity, respect, and empathy. We respond to emergency needs quickly, while building long term projects carefully and sustainably in collaboration with communities.

We work from a basic ethic of providing people with the support and resources needed to manage and move on in their own lives with dignity.

Please use this form to introduce yourself, to tell us about how you would like to work in the team, and to provide some personal details which are needed for administration and protection purposes.

Our projects are currently in Thessaloniki and Larissa. All applications will be considered for both teams unless you state you specifically are only interested in working at a specific geographical location, or in a specific type of role.

Please be aware we have to work to have balanced times and have a managed limit on the size of our teams. We cannot guarantee a volunteer placement for all applicants, and if we must say there is not space, it is not a reflection on our perception of your ability to contribute, more a judgment based on our capacity and priorities at the time.

The answers you give about your experience, skills and aspirations will be shared in our volunteer team profile document should you join the team.

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