Millinocket Memorial Library Youth Services Survey
As we prepare for our upcoming library renovation, we are reimagining the spaces and services we offer kids and parents/guardians, to better match their needs, interests, and availability.

We welcome input from any current parent, guardian, or caregiver of kids ages 0-11 for the purposes of this survey. Every question is optional.

If you would like to be contacted to give more in-depth feedback, please leave your name and contact information in the last question. You can also directly contact Diana Furukawa at Thank you for your time!

What are the ages of your kids (or the kids you care for)? For the purposes of this survey, please only list kids between the ages of 0 and 11.
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How frequently do your kids go to the library with you or another adult?
How frequently do your kids go to the library on their own or with other kids?
Which times during our current hours of operation are you and your kids most likely to come to the library? Check all that apply.
Besides Tuesdays, the library is not currently open after 5PM. Would you and your kids be interested in coming the library in the evening, if it were open?
The library is not currently open on Saturday afternoons or Sundays. Would you and your kids be interested in coming the library during those times, if it were open?
In the past year, have you heard about events or programs for kids at the library? Where did you hear about them? Check all that apply.
What resources should always be available to parents/caregivers and kids at the library (for independent/un-programmed use)? Check all that apply.
What are three words that should describe the renovated children's room? (Bright, open, playful, etc.)
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In the past year, have your kids participated in any of these library events or programs? Check all program types that they have attended.
What kinds of programs would your kids be interested in attending at the library going forward? Check all that apply.
What other programs or activities for kids or parents/caregivers would you like to see at the library?
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Are there organizations the library should partner with to put on programs or activities for kids? Which organizations?
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What kinds of activities are your kids involved with, outside of the library, if any? (Sports teams, dance, choir, church activities, etc.)
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Are there opportunities, programs, or activities you wish were available to your kids locally, but aren't?
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What are barriers to you coming to the library with kids? Check all that apply.
What could make your experiences with kids at the library better?
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Is there anything else you would like to share?
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Would you be interested in talking to someone from the library more about your feedback or ideas? If yes, please provide your name and contact information.
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