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Applications are mandatory to be considered for pet adoption through Last Chance Rescue. Due to the volume of interest we typically receive, we do not have the capacity to respond to each and every application, however, we will contact applicants that we feel are the best match. Thank you for your understanding and interest!
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(1)  I understand and agree that the care, feeding, training and well-being of an animal is an ADULT RESPONSIBILITY.  (2)  I hereby authorized the release to Last Chance Rescue, Inc., all veterinary records of any and all animals I have had or currently have.  (3)  I understand that I may not be able to adopt the pet I have chosen if this animal would not be a good match due to lifestyle or housing concerns.  (4)  This application remains the property of Last Chance Rescue, Inc.  (5)  Last Chance Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone. *
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