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Training Course
19 June - 13 October 2017 | Portugal

EVS related double event, addressing quality management of EVS projects. The aim is to create a space where EVS support staff can explore, share, reflect, practice and learn how to implement quality EVS projects, using full potential of opportunities.
The particular project consists of two activities (training course and seminar) complementing each other, addressing quality management of EVS projects with a focus on the support system towards the EVS volunteers.

Training Course - 19th to 26th June 2017, Faro, Portugal

The aim of the training is to develop the competences of the coordinators, supervisors and mentors (EVS support staff) on how they can enhance the learning and developing experience throughout the different stages of EVS projects' cycle on personal, organizational and community levels.
The objectives of the training course are:
- increase knowledge on the principles of non-formal and informal learning, adult learning, accelerated learning, self-directed learning;
- better understand the learning dimensions in EVS projects and the impact they have on its stakeholders;
- develop the necessary skills to support individual learning processes;
- equip with tools to supporting learning on different levels;
- enhance a holistic view over learning styles and their significance in the development of learning plans;
- increase the quality use of Youthpass as a tool to support learning taking place within EVS.

Seminar - 5th to 12th October 2017, Silves, Portugal

The seminar will provide space to exchange good practices, success stories, learning experiences of the organizations that have been working with EVS volunteers. With gathering the success stories and showing the impact the projects have achieved, the aim is to inspire the actors of the EVS projects as well as at improving the learning quality of the future EVS projects.
The objectives of the seminar are:
- creation of space for the exchange of practices, ideas, procedures, stories related to EVS;
- creation of an electronic booklet with success stories promoting EVS but also inspiring future quality projects;
- peer and group learning of the participants;
- space for the creation of partnerships within EVS;
- empowering through analysis of the opportunities given by EVS in the frame of learning and service.

The target group of participants are people that professionally or voluntarily have or will soon have a supporting role within EVS projects including Coordinators (Responsible of Projects), Mentors, Supervisors (Tutors/Task related support person).
Participants need to have at least a basic knowledge about EVS, its philosophy and rules and motivation to become and stay involved with EVS.
Willing and committed to participate in 100% of the programme of activities (both the TC and the seminar) and committed to be active in activities before (contact and online get to know) and after the events (long term evaluation and feedback).
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