JobAdX Programmatic Platform
We are working on this and getting close to launching a beta version.

Help us make it with you in mind by letting us know what you would be looking for in a programmatic platform.

Once we have something up and running, we will get in touch. You may even be selected as one of our freemium beta clients!
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What "rules" would you use to manage your jobs and the campaign budgets?
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CPA constraints on a campaign level
CPA constraints on a job level
Click/Applicant limits on a job level
Bid/CPC ranges on a campaign level
Bid/CPC ranges on a job level
Daily maximums on a campaign level
Daily/monthly maximums on a job level
Setting rules based on job category
Setting rules based on job location
Setting rules based on day
Email alerts about rules: high performance or under-performance
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Individual Job Performance
Daily spend and CPC
Month over month spend and CPC/CPA
Customization reports
Publisher Breakdown of performance
Individual location performance
Top keywords
Top categories
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