Product people looking for their next thing
We ( created this form to capture info about PMs, designers and other product people looking for their next opportunity. We are asked constantly for candidate recommendations.

*THE ONLY RULE: You need to have experience as an actual Product Manager or Head of Product, product designer, or similar.*

Here's how this will work:
We’ll share your *anonymous* info if there is an opportunity that fits your profile. If they’re interested in chatting, I’ll forward you a note from them about the gig and you can tell me if you want an intro. Your identity will be 100% anonymous until you actually want to speak with a company. Your current company will NOT know you filled this out. This initiative was inspired by Brenden Mulligan who did just the same in the US.

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Help potential companies understand what your ideal next gig looks like, and why you'd be perfect for it.
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