App Actions Deployment Request
If your app is in one of the following categories, you can sign up to deploy App Actions:
- Fitness
- Finance
- Food ordering
- Ride-sharing

We will review your request at our earliest availability, and let you know whether you're approved to submit your app containing an actions.xml file to Play.

Once approved, deploy your app and we will reach out again to let you know whether your implementation has met all the requirements to be launched for Google Assistant users when App Actions launches later this year.

Submission data will be stored until January 1, 2020. If you would like to have your submitted information removed from our database before, please fill in
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Your email address. We will use this to notify you with updates about your request. *
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Have you implemented all deeplinks for the required built-in intents, as well as the Android SEARCH common intent (Required)?
Have you implemented Firebase Action Reporting and the Assist Content API (Required)?
Have you implemented Slices for the built-in intents we recommend for your category (Recommended)?
I have read through and agree to Google's Privacy Policy described in *
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