Back to School 21 Day Challenge
The kids are back in school and now I want to help the moms and dads get back on track with their goals. The results are in and my new 21 day online challenge is delivering some serious results.

-Average inches lost: 17" (chest, navel, hips, legs and arms) You could be up to 5" smaller in your waist in 3 weeks!
-Increased cardiovascular function
-Increased strength and flexibility
-Improved energy and sleep
-Decreased inflammation in joints and elimination of brain fog

21 Day Back to School Challenge Starts September 11th and ends October 1st

-21 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan with a focus on low carb and high healthy protein (Click here to see a sample meal plan )
-21 Day Workout Plan (TRX, Body Weight, Cycling, Running, Weight Training - Choose your favorite option)
- A complimentary copy of my popular ebook The 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge
- Daily coaching and accountability via Facebook group and through my workout/nutrition app
-Weekly video check in sessions where we can have face to face time, Q & A and a short nutrition and workout lesson

Since this program is very specific to each participants goals, I can only accept 20 people. I will work one on one with you to develop the perfect program for you that suits your specific workout and nutrition preferences.

Please fill out this form to save your spot and I'll send you an invoice for $97 to join. I'm so excited to help you get bak on track and feeling amazing.

Thank you!


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