How we carry our stuff
For a new project that is still largely work in progress, we'd like to ask you a few short questions. This will 'only' take 5
minutes of your time. Your input will be fully anonymous, unless you share your email address at the end of this survey, in that case we can give you updates in the coming period and finally a little token of our appreciation as soon as we go into production.

The -thing- we're working on is vaguely outlined, but to find new directions in our own process of creation we would love to quickly pick your brain in order to see where this takes us.

What we can share at this point is that the mentioned outlines are in the realm of travel gear. Over the past 15 years we've been collecting and using all kinds of bags for different occasions, but only a few of them really matched our expectations and ticked all the right boxes. Thats why we believe we can do better. Be more sustainable, create smarter designs, and search for a field where we can freely combine elements from different practices that are now mostly used singularly. A search to create gear for all purposes. Work, travel, leisure, sports, you name it...

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