WBL Survey from Crim HS Current Students
The purpose of this survey is to gather information to help form a partnership with employers to better support you. Our hope is to connect you with one of our business partners to create a career pathway for you.
1. What is your name?
2. Do you currently have a job?
If so, Who is your employer?
What is the name of your supervisor?
What is the location/address of where you work?
What is the telephone number?
What are your times and days?
If Yes, complete questions 3 and 4. If no, skip to question 5.
3. Is getting to your job causing you to leave school early?
If so, what time do you have to leave school to get there on time?
4. Can you adjust your schedule?
If so, please describe.
5. Have you ever taken and passed any of these CTAE classes?
Check boxes that apply
6. We have partnership with construction companies, fast-food retailers, and other companies with a career track component. Do you have an interest in any of these job-related positions?
If so, what type?
If so, what is your full name?
7. Which of the following projects listed below are you interested in participating in?
8. Are you interested in a college preparatory program? This program will enhance your preparation for college admission and get you ready for the Accuplacer (dual enrollment track).
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