2023 Commitment Card
2023 Financial Commitment to the Ministry of The Community Church in Ada (Fiscal Year July, 2023 through June, 2024)

We encourage you to consider the following questions and talk about them with others:

1. What  beliefs and practices did your parents and grandparents live by in relationship to money? What needs did those beliefs and practices meet for them?

2. What matters to you in how you handle money? What is workable for your life? Also, think beyond yourself: what money decisions will make the world a better place? (The Generosity Series will encourage you to consider generosity rather than greed, abundance rather than scarcity, and simplicity rather than consumerism).

3. What do you need to change to align your financial practices with your values? What will that change require? When will you do it?

***If you need financial help, please reach out to the church - this may be a time for you to receive the generosity of others. And remember that God always gives us SOMETHING that we can share.

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