ESD-U Interest Survey
Thank you on behalf students, district partners and the community, for your interest in becoming a teacher or adding an endorsement to a current teaching certificate. By completing this survey, you will be added to the email distribution list for ESD-U to receive program information and updates. Your responses from this survey will help us to support you throughout the ESD-U recruiting and admissions process. This information may be used to identify scholarship selection criteria, depending on district needs and feedback.

ESD-U is an alternative routes to teacher certification program, as well as a “retooling” endorsement program for currently certified teachers. ESD-U is operated by the ESD 112 and currently partners with school districts in approved regions of the state. Current initiatives include meeting district needs in identified or anticipated shortage areas and creating a workforce that represents the diversity of students served by districts.

For more information about ESD-U and next steps towards admission, visit the ESD-U website:
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