SKIN. Exchange substance
We invite live art artists to apply!
SKIN - exchange substance
Open call for 10 days residency
29th of June - 8th of July 2020
C32 - Forte Marghera. Venice Mestre

Send your applications until Friday 15th May 2020
16th - 19th May 2020: all the artists will be informed of the result.

Sound, dance, theatre, poetry, performance art… there are no categories and no separations under the umbrella of LIVE ART!

We want to offer a 10 days residency for one project that involves:
- co-presence and interpenetration among languages;
- from 3 to 7 artists;
- exploration and indetermination;
- concrete and stimulating issues.
The project can be new or be part of an existing creative process.

The selected project will offer:
- a free public presentation on Wednesday 8th July 2020;
- 2 hours practice (to be defined) open to citizens.

We make available our rehearsal studio with sound system, kitchen, accommodation at C32 performing art work space (500 sq meters)
​to explore,
to use time and space for the value of collaboration, of transformation, of live art.

We don’t require any specific theme but we propose you to be here to EXCHANGE.
We believe live arts can be powerful, radical, evocative, responsible and, through them, the metaphor of exchange can be brought into life.
That is why we have chosen SKIN as the name of this open call: the skin is the organ that allows the exchange with what is around us, it is a surface that lets us welcome what is outside and brings it inside us.

Selection will be made by Live Arts Cultures artists.
Only for the selected project, we will charge 50€ per artist
for all the duration of the residency, cost the includes the insurance.

C32 is an independent space-project curated by artists who do not receive funds:
we choose to open our studio, to support live art production, to feed local and international artistic community,
to meet you and to let local people meet you.

To apply, fill in the form

For further information

Where we are
7” minutes from Venice airport - 40” from Treviso airport - 10’ by tram from Venice

The area: Forte Marghera
C32 performing art work space is a 500 square meters building located in the naturalistic and historical area of Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy.
Created first by Napoleon and then by the Austrian army, Forte Marghera is immersed in an oasis of flora and fauna at the centre of a unique position: facing the Venice lagoon, it's within walking distance of San Giuliano Park - one of the largest urban parks in Europe - and Mestre city centre. The beauty of the city of Venice is only 10 minutes far from our space, well connected by the public transport service (bus & tram lines).
After years of state of abandon, the old fortress of Forte Marghera is now one of the most intriguing places for the artistic production in Venice: here you can find ateliers and classes from the Fine Arts Academies or the local Universities, exhibitions by the Venice Biennale or the Venice Museums network.

The studio: C32
C32 performing art workspace is a Performing Art House devoted to the international artistic community.
It is an independent space for contemporary creations founded, cared and managed by a team of local artists involved in dance, music, performance art, poetry, new media and theatre.
Here you will find:
- The Performance Room: 150 square meters wood floor with black dance floor;
- The Co-Working Space: 250 square meters living room and working space where to plan and share your ideas, write, paint, draw or make costumes;
- The Loft: a comfortable loft for artists where to rest;
- kitchen & bathroom.

Live Arts Cultures
It's a cultural association created and run by artists. It is a house, a transnational reference for live arts in their experimental declinations, with particular attention to: dance, electronic music, performance art, theater.
The aim of Live Arts Cultures is to create an open and welcoming community able to redesign, innovate and strengthen the craft of the performing artist and to expand the experience and knowledge of contemporary languages.
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