CHSC COVID-19 informed consent
1. Purpose of this Form:
purposes of this consent to open squash club membership form (“ Agreement”) are:
(1) to iterate and disclose the potential risks as described in this Agreement to the Club Members (“Club Member”) of choosing to use the squash courts during the course of COVID -19 virus pandemic:

(2) for the Club Member to freely and voluntarily acknowledge and confirm these potential risks and, in particular, the risks of the Club Member subsequently contracting or becoming infected with COVID-19 during the COVID-19 pandemic, that the Club Member fully understands all the risks to them associated with and/or arising from or in respect of using the squash courts at Cedar Hill Rec Center (“CHRC”) during the course of this pandemic and that, notwithstanding, the Club Member has freely and voluntarily authorized and instructed CHSC to open the Club Member’s membership;

(3) for the Club Member to acknowledge and agree that CHSC has collected or may subsequently collect certain personal information from the Club Member as a precursor to opening the Club Member’s membership, including the Club Member’s contact information (collectively and/or individually called the “Contact Information”) and that CHSC will endeavour to keep such Contact Information confidential and to not release this without the Club Member’s written consent, not to be arbitrarily or unreasonably withheld; subject to compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances of all lawful authorities having jurisdiction, whether Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Office of the Provincial Health Officer ("PHO") and the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (“BCCDC”), (collectively and individually called the “Lawful Authority”)

(4) for the Club Member to freely and voluntarily acknowledge and agree that, if at any time and/or for any reason whatever, including, without limitation, communication to CHSC from any Lawful Authority, a positive case of COVID is or might reasonably be considered to be linked to CHSC or CHRC, then, in such circumstances, any such Lawful Authority may wish to conduct COVID-19 transmission contact tracing and, in such case, the Club Member hereby consents to CHSC providing their name, court booking date and other relevant particulars as reasonably requested by the Lawful Authority for the purpose of COVID-19 transmission contact tracing
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