Bay Area COVID-19 Relief Application for Migrant Youth Community
Thank you for applying to the COVID Migrant Youth Relief Fund. Currently, we are putting a hold on new applications until we have raised more funds.

As we work to identify more funding resources, we also wanted to connect you to some resources that might be helpful:

We also have a checklist of suggested next steps.
1. Contact your landlord to ask about temporarily reducing or deferring your rent. Currently, landlords are not allowed to evict people for rent non-payment that is related to COVID-19 or the shelter-in-place order (through May 31). There may be more protections put in place soon.
2. Contact PG&E and ask for a payment plan if you cannot pay your utilities. Service disconnections are currently halted.
3. Contact your internet/phone providers to ask for a payment plan or deferral. Most internet/phone providers are not disconnecting lines and providing unlimited data for the next 60 days.
4. Access food pantries and school district food pick ups (see list in resources page!)
5. If you have DACA, TPS, asylum/refugee, or visa status, consider applying for unemployment. We have conflicting information about how this might impact a future change of status through public charge, so double check with your lawyer or clinic if you are concerned!
6. Check out:

Questions or concerns? Reach out to or

Thank you again for your application. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay resilient.

In Unity,

East Oakland DREAMers
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