MATS Volunteer Questionnaire
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the year. Please answer all questions as completely as possible so we can find a volunteer position that will best fit you and your schedule! Thank you for your interest!
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Are you completing volunteer hours for school or a community service log? *
If yes, please include what you are earning hours for, how many you need, and any deadlines or other important information. If you are a student, please include your area of study/interest.
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Why are you interested in volunteering for MATS? *
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Possible Volunteer Opportunities:
We frequently use volunteers to help out with large fundraising events, such as our concert, turkey smoking, and 5K race. But there are plenty of other opportunities year round as well! We need volunteer fill-ins for case managers and people who are willing to help with stuffing envelopes for mailers, simple handyman jobs, sorting through donations, unloading the food truck, leading devotions or children's activities, etc.
What volunteer position(s) would you be interested in? (Mark all that apply.) *
What days and times are you available to volunteer? Please be as specific as possible and include how long you can stay. If looking for event volunteering only, please specify which events and the times/areas you may be interested in. *
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Follow Ups:
Thank you for completing the survey! I will be following up with you soon, based on your answers to the questionnaire. If you would like to follow up on the status or your submission, I can be reached at (423) 587-9215 Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 and 5. Please ask for Lyndsey Sorah.
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