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Train with World Champion & Olympic Medallist Sarah Stevenson MBE

Anywhere, Anytime

I am a World Champion, Olympic Medallist, and Mum of two

I understand life balance, family time, work time and most importantly ‘me’ time

I have developed not just physical strength but emotional  and mental strength during my life and career. Being an Olympic athlete 4 times over has shaped my life for a greater future and I believe with my experiences I can help others achieve a more positive and healthier lifestyle

Join my ‘6 Week Challenge’ programme and train with me anywhere, anytime

6 Week Challenge - £60.00 per person

• Train with a World Champion and Olympic medallist

•  Olympic mindset led programme
•  Weekly themes focussing on Sarah’s unique ‘5 rings to success’

•  3 x live sessions a week on our private Instagram page
•  Beginner and advanced workouts
•  Access to 100’s of saved workouts for you to do in your own time
•  Freedom to train anywhere, anytime that suits your unique lifestyle
•  Individual daily calorie target
•  Nutrition and hydration advice
•  Inspires recipe ideas
•  Vegan and gluten free friendly
•  Weekly meal planning guide
•  Weekly weight check ins
•  Mental and physical targets
•  Daily community support

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