The Kuching Heritage Race (KHR), to be held on Saturday February 16th, 2018, is a team event with teams of at least 2 and up to 5 members. Following the success of the previous three events, this 4th edition of the race will be based on the theme “Darul Hana Revisited” complete with a new route and new challenges - to test brain, brawn and ability. The KHR continues to focus on elements of Kuching’s old heritage in our buildings, activities and culture. As in previous years, this fun race aims to continue to introduce residents and visitors alike to our vibrant heritage by providing a novel means to appreciate what we have and why we need to manage it for future generations.

The entries have been capped at a maximum of 300 participants (not more than 60 teams) with a participation fee of RM240 per team. As the race tests brains and ability, everyone young, old, visitors and residents have a good chance of winning the top prizes.

As we have done in the past, the race aims to raise money for deserving underfunded projects. This year, we are aiming to raise a minimum RM 75,000 for the following underfunded charity bodies and community projects; including 2 Tree Lodge for Galatians 2:20, Single Mothers Association, Kuching Parkinsons Society, Sarawak Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (SSPCA), Malaysia Coffeology Society (MCC) and Catama Borneo. We are also involving Heart Treasures and Save Our Souls (SOS) Kids in the production of our race packs.


We are capping our registration at maximum 300 pax participants (or up to the first 60 teams).

Registration Fees are RM 240 PER TEAM (A TEAM may consist of 2 - 5 members).




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Fill in the Google Form below.

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Please make your RM 240/- payment either by CASH / CHEQUE / ONLINE BANK TRANSFER to:

For those purchasing our Personal Accident Insurance Package (OPTIONAL), please add on RM 10/- per buyer on top of the RM 240/- Team Registration Fee.

Account name: Kuching Heritage Awareness Society
Name of bank: UOB Bank Bhd
Account number: 2383005169
Swift Code: UOVBMYKL

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Upon payment, please attach your scanned banking slip to complete your Online Form Submission. Alternatively, you could email your banking receipt(s) to us at kuching.has@gmail.com

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We will revert back to you with your registration confirmation number, which you will need as you check in for the race, 7:00 am at Chung Hua Middle School No. 4, on 16th February 2019.

For more info, please visit our website (www.kuchingheritage.com) or email us at kuching.has@gmail.com

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