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How are you connected to the topic of suicide? (Please read details before answering this question) *
If you lost someone, how recently was it? If you attempted to take your own life, or have had suicidal thoughts, how long ago was that? If it is neither of these, please explain. NOTE: Please keep details to a minimum, as I like to hear your whole story during our photo shoot. How I am connected: I tried to take my own life at 17 after a sexual assault. Then I lost my only brother 11 years ago to suicide. I started this project originally to try to find a creative healing outlet and it became bigger than I expected it to.
Are you currently seeking therapy or counseling for what you have been through? Please share the last date you have been to counseling. *
The reason I ask this is: I am not a counselor, so I need to make sure people have tools in place to help themselves. I also have certain topics and levels of grief that affect me, as well, so it’s part of my own self-care process to create boundaries and filter some things that may be too raw for me to handle. My photo sessions can get very vulnerable and emotionally challenging. I never want to put someone in a sad place that they don't have a way out of.
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What makes you, YOU?!
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I want us to know each other! The sessions where I take time to know people beforehand are always better. Please note that it can sometimes take 2-4 weeks for this vetting process. It is the boundary I have given myself for safety reasons. The best way to know me is to follow my personal social media pages: Instagram is @mariangelaabeo and it’s Mariangela Abeo on Facebook and Twitter. I am an open book, and want to create a safe space between us before our photo session.
This is my project and my vision. I have my own triggers as well as my own curating process. Because of these two things, I reserve the right to choose who I wish for this project. I ask that you respect my decision and know that, regardless of my decision, this project is here for everyone. If you are not chosen, it has nothing to do with the importance of your story or truth; it is simply my decision based on numerous factors. It is my hope that you will be able to relate to the stories of those who are chosen as Faces. At the end of the day, my project isn't about exposure for any one person, but about ending the stigma by showing it can be ANY Face.
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