Northside Catholic Schools Instrumental Music Enrolment 2019
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New students are encouraged to nominate 3 instruments in order of preference, to avoid disappointment. We will endeavour to place as many students on their preferred instrument as much as equipment and resources allow. Alternatively, only 1 instrument may be chosen. In this case, if there are no places available, the student will be placed on a waiting list. Instrument choices outside a student's age guidelines will be accepted on an individual case-by-case basis.
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Will your child require the loan of a school instrument in 2019? (not available for guitar) *
If "Yes", please complete the Instrument Loan Agreement below.
Instrument Loan Agreement
1. Students are required the keep the instrument in good working condition at all times. Please ask your instrumental tutor for advice on this matter.

2. You are responsible for any loss or damage caused to the instrument by fire, theft, etc. while it is in your possession.

3. You do not loan this instrument to any other person, or let any other person play the instrument.

4. The instrument MUST be returned to Emmaus College when requested at any time by the tutor, or when leaving the Instrumental Music Program.

I/We authorise our child to accept the loan of the instrument and undertake reasonable supervision of its use:
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Please feel free to add any other information that may be helpful in processing this application (previous instruments studied, does the student require tuition on more than one instrument, etc.)
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Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement
**Students should ensure that they are aware of their lesson time each week and leave their class in time to arrive at their lesson promptly.

**Regular practice should occur throughout the week, to ensure lesson content is refreshed and new skills are rehearsed until fluent

**Students should come prepared for every lesson with all necessary equipment, including instrument, books and accessories (reeds, oil, etc)

**Participation in school ensembles (and their associated concerts) is expected where possible

**Every effort has been made to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to your child's school day. However it is their responsibility to collect any work they have missed from their classroom teacher.

**If your child has forgotten their instrument or has a cough, etc, that prevents them playing, they will still attend their lesson where the tutor will work on other skills with them.

**If your child will be absent for a scheduled lesson, please advise the tutor as early as possible

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: I/We allow our child to participate in the Instrumental Music Program in 2019 and accept the terms as listed above: *
STUDENT: We agree to participate in the Instrumental Music Program in 2019 and accept the terms as listed above: *
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