Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #22
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Si plura sint debita, vel plus legatum fuerit, ad quae catalla defuncti non ______, fiat ubique defalcatio, excepto regis privilegio.”
Hint: If the debts or legacies of a deceased are greater than the assets will satisfy, the same shall abate rateably, the privilege of the Crown excepted.
1 point
“______ veri suggestio est falsi.”
Hint: Withholding the truth suggests falsehood.
1 point
“Testis nemo in sua causa esse ______.”
Hint: No one can be a witness on his own behalf.
1 point
“Testamentum omne morte ______.”
Hint: Every will is perfected by death.
1 point
“Testes ______, non numerantur.”
Hint: Witnesses are weighed (considered at their proper worth), not numbered.
1 point
“Sic utere tuo ut ______ non laedas.”
Hint: So enjoy your own rights as not to injure those of another.
1 point
“Simplex ______ non obligat.”
Hint: Mere recommendation will not render a man liable.
1 point
“______ mei socii, socius meus non est.”
Hint: The partner of my partner is not necessarily my partner.
1 point
“______ loqui facit chartam.”
Hint: The delivery of a deed makes it effectual.
1 point
“Statuta pro publico commode late ______.”
Hint: Statutes passed for the public good should be construed literally.
1 point
“Summum jus, summa ______.”
Hint: Where the law is most strictly administered, it sometimes causes the greatest wrong.
1 point
“Sublata caussl, toUitur ______.”
Hint: The cause being gone, the effect also ceases.
1 point
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