Yes/No 2020
Saturday mid-sems *
Timetable preferencing *
Scanning into a class and leaving *
“Hi, I’m a 2nd year medical student and I was just wondering what’s brought you in today?” *
Sucking up to clinicians lots and early *
Making powerpoints for main / short case *
Making up cases for your PCL *
Kahoot *
Doing readings *
Having CC as your only source of human contact each week *
Being in the same CBL as your partner *
Clinical case conundrums (luv u MM) *
Bringing healthy CBL snacks *
Doing research *
Getting an OS-Help loan purely to afford groceries *
Gaining all ClinSci knowledge from Succulent CBLposting *
Suja’s pathology tutes *
Killing off CBL cases with mild diseases to prove a point *
Getting involved in club events to have an excuse for the study you’re not doing *
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