Next PES Leader needs to be a grass-rooted Activist
In 2014, we actively took part of the #KnocktheVote campaign for PES candidates. One year after the European election our enthusiasm for another Europe is still intact. In a globalized Europe, where people, money, jobs know no boundaries, the future of a political party is not at the national level anymore. 25 years of unleashed liberalism and conservatism in Europe have graze the solid tenets set in the time of Delors and the founding Fathers.
The European conservative have led the EU on the path of the disunion because of economic and electoral interests. The damages they have done have almost doomed the whole European Integration.

More than ever European democracy should be based on citizens’ trust and working for them and not only for the big companies. The European integration must quit the path of being uniquely a economic force. The raise of many little parties on the extreme left and rights is a challenge for the PES and its Party-Members. The poor, the “little”, the discriminated are not feeling represented and ask for social protection.
Through the Global Progressive Forum and FEPS, the PES has the appropriate tools to connect NGOs and other progressive political partners. With this ‘Rainbow Alliance’ we want to shift the current European focus from the markets and the oligarchs to the Women and Men living in Europe. But in order do so, we – European socialists – must set the example. Only with a strong progressive left-wing discourse, an attitude of openness towards our natural political allies and with a new set of coherent and truly engaged politicians can PES achieve such desideratum. This is where the question of the election of our next president becomes important.

In few days, the current president will ask for his re-election. Before him, Enrique Barón Crespo, former Spanish State-minister and EP-President stands firmly. For the first time since 2004 and the Brussels' Congress of the PES Party (founded in 1992) result will be particularly tight. In this campaign, Barón seems to have the favor of European activists and many of the delegates when Stanishev, due to his current position try to get the support of the Member-Parties' Executives. At this stage, the PES Activists play an active role and want to have their say. After discussions with the two candidates, they have taken their decision.

Going back on tracks will be the mission of our next PES-President, we do believe that no one could do it better than Enrique Barón. He has proven himself in his struggle against Franco, but as well as EP-President and President of the European Movement as someone which is bound to the people and not to financial or careers goals. His fight against corruption and for transparency in politics is more than needed in front of all the corruption affairs which are shaking the confidence of the Europeans in their political system. But above all, Enrique despite of all the mandates he had exercised, is not the typical top-level politician. He is near to the basis and has already promised to retire definitely from the political life after his mandate as PES-President. He is truly someone which praised beforehand the collective. A leader who put all his ambitions in the mutualization, not in himself.

In order to inverse the current run of the socialist boat, we need a new Captain. For us, socialists activists from all over Europe, this Captain has a name: Enrique Barón.

PES Activists’ national and local Coordinators: Viola Weyer and Gabriel Richard-Molard (Germany), Aleksander Glogowski (France), Naxalli Lozano, Alegría Alonso and Juan Jesús Martín Chamoso (Salamanca), Horacio Diez (Madrid), José Reis Santos (Portugal), Mikael Wesström Bjorn (Roma), Koen Maes (The Netherlands), Atenea Melgarejo Vargas, Roman Syrbu, Isabel Brañas (Nat. Coordinators for Spain), Theodoros Douloumpekis (Crete and national coord for Greece).

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