Amazon Academy Spring Gathering
September 27 - 29 (with 1 and 3-day options available), Marahau, South Island, New Zealand.

At Amazon Academy gatherings we learn more about ourselves, the ancient Amazons & also about the bio-region. Some of our practices may include (but are not limited to): Ojibway Water Ceremony, Yoga, Amazon Martial Arts, Wilderness Skills, Foraging, Verbal Learning/Storytelling, Archery Introduction, Horse-Friendship Introduction, Fire Awareness, Meditation/Restorative Sessions &/or Drumming Journeys.

The activities we have chosen for the weekend align with the Seasonal focus & are aimed at helping us Awaken the Heart to Action!

There are options for joining us for the 3 days or just for the one day 'Amazonian Tour of the Elements' on Sunday. Please specify your intended involvement in the form below. Melissa Billington & Miriam Lancewood author of 'Woman in The Wilderness' ( will guest-star as resident Amazons.

More about the Amazon Academy:


-- 4 pm--arrival, introduction & dinner

--ceremony at water
--yoga/movement/Amazon Martial Arts
--head into the bush
--journey most of the day & create shelter & fire for the night

--return from the bush
--ceremony, yoga/movement/AMA
--afternoon--Amazon martial arts & creative self-expression w/Melissa & Phil
--dinner with ancient Amazon stories
--pm--shamanic drumming journeys &/or sound/voice work

Sunday--'An Amazonian Tour of The Elements'

7.30 am--WATER--ceremony & movement practices w/Melissa
9 am--breakfast
10 am--FIRE-- Horse Friendship w/Marie
12 am--lunch
1 pm--AIR--archery history & practice
3 pm--EARTH--foraging & wilderness stories w/Miriam
5 pm--dinner, fire & closing ceremony
7 pm--finish


NZ$127 for the Sunday-only 'Amazonian Tour of the Elements'. Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and all activities.

NZ$444 for the 3-day event (Thurs night - Mon morning). includes all meals, all activities, airport transfers and accommodation (you can choose either Marae style, BYO bedding or camping, BYO tent, and bedding). And we'll all be camping out in the bush on Friday night. Luxury glamping is also available on Thurs, Sat and Sun night. Please inquire for prices.

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