Culturefest 2013 Food Sale Form

Please read the following carefully:

You MUST be a UMaine student or staff member to request a table at the Food Court.

All food sale groups should arrive at the Memorial Gym by 10:00am

All perishable food must be sold in the Memorial Gym. *Please note: a food sale form is not needed for selling non-perishable food such as cookies or cakes at an exhibition table

All food must be prepared and heated (if necessary) in advance

All hot food must be kept hot and cold food must be kept cold for the duration of the event. Warming pans MUST be used for hot foods!

OIP can provide warming pans, plastic utensils, napkins, & cups. *Warming pans are 12x20 inches and 4 inches deep and must be requested in the space below.

A sample sized portion is the suggested serving size for each dish.


Health and Safety Guidelines for Food Vendors

According to Dining Services, food vendors at Culturefest should comply with the following regulations to ensure a safe and healthy environment for preparing and serving food. Please read carefully the following regulations and contact the Office of International Programs if you have any questions. If you will need any special equipment to prepare your food or to maintain the proper temperature of your food, it is important that you include this information on the observe side of this sheet.

1. Do not place tables in front of any exits. The tables will be arranged in accordance with the fire codes, so please do not move your table without permission.
2. If possible, avoid using cardboard boxes for transporting or storing supplies. Use plastic containers instead.
3. Do not decorate your table with paper, especially if you will be using sterno pans.
4. If you are using sterno pans, keep all items on the table at least 3 feet away from the pans.
5. Please indicate on this form if you will need an extension cord. The Office of International Programs will supply extensions cords that meet safety regulations, so please do not bring your own cords.
6. If you wish to hang something on the wall by your table, ask a custodian for help. Please do not stand on chairs. When hanging items, try to use the hooks in the wall and minimize your use of tape. If you do need tape, use masking tape.
7. Food that contains dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, or fish must be maintained at the proper temperature. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold!
8. Long grain rice should not be kept at room temperature. Either serve it hot or cool it quickly.
9. Please indicate on this form if you will need ice for keeping food cold (either in a cooler or an ice bath) or if you will need equipment such as warming pans for keeping food hot.
10. Hot food should be stirred regularly (every 20 minutes) and the water in warming pans must be checked each hours and replenished as needed.
11. Alcohol may not be served.

Thank you for following these regulations and making Culturefest a safe event. We appreciate your participation!

This form MUST be submitted no later than October 19, 2012.

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