Fantasy Synchro - Round 5
Fantasy Synchro is broken into five rounds over the course of the season. Players may select new teams for each round, or select the same teams for each round. You may change your team selections until 24 hours before the start of the first competition in each round.

Round 1: New England Challenge Cup, Anaheim Fall Classic, Kalamazoo Kick-Off, Boston Classic
Round 2: Dr. Porter, Cape Cod Classic
Round 3: Colonial Classic, Mid-America
Round 4: Easterns, Midwesterns, Pacifics, Tri-States, Junior World Qualifier/Connecticut Synchronized Skating Classic
Round 5: Nationals

Each player will select a total of six teams from the senior, junior, and collegiate divisions for their fantasy team; one from Tier 1, one from Tier 2, two from Tier 3, and two from Tier 4. Teams are sorted into tiers based on their placements last season and by entry into the International Selection Pool (ISP).

Tier 1 consists of the Envelopes A, B, and C, as well as the collegiate national champion.

Haydenettes Sr
Miami University Varsity Sr
Skyliners Sr
Chicago Jazz Jr
Lexettes Jr
Skyliners Jr
Miami University Varsity Col

Tier 2 includes all teams in the ISP and the collegiate national medalists.

Adrian College Varsity Sr
Crystallettes Sr
Team del Sol Sr
Fond du Lac Blades Jr
Hockettes Jr
Starlights Jr
University of Michigan Col
Metroettes Col
Western Michigan University Col

Tier 3 includes all remaining teams in the senior, and junior divisions.

Team Excel Sr
California Gold Sr
Chesapeake Synchro Sr
Miami University Junior Varsity Sr
Shattuck-St. Mary's Team Sabres Jr
Silver Stars Jr
Synchroettes Jr
Team Ashburn Jr
Team Delaware Jr

Tier 4 includes all remaining teams in the collegiate division.

Adrian College Varsity Col
Boston University Col
Michigan State University Col
Team North Dakota Col
University of Delaware Col
University of Illinois Col
University of Massachusetts Col

Points will be awarded for both placement and depth of the field. You will receive points if the teams you select place in the top four, plus additional points for the number of teams your team places ahead of.
4 points for first place
3 points for second place
2 points for third place
1 point for fourth place
1 point for every team you beat
For example, if only two teams are entered in a competition, it will be easy to get 3 or 4 points for placing first or second, but it will be much more valuable to choose a team who will place well at a competition where there are ten teams competing in the division. If the short and long program are separate events, points will be awarded for the higher score of the two.

There will also be a chance to earn bonus points for each round. These will be additional questions related to different competitions.

You are responsible for knowing if the teams you select are competing at competitions in the round. There will be a winner for each round and an overall winner. Use the following form to select your Round 5 teams. No changes will be allowed for Round 5 after 2pm EST on Thursday, February 23rd.

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