ASCSU Mental Health Resources Marketing Video
ASCSU is attempting to promote resources within the CSU Health Network by highlighting a diverse range of student experiences. We are aiming to make a video that will touch on the experiences students have had with the CSU Health Network. If you would like to be a part of the video or would like to share more details on your experiences with the CSU Health Network please fill out this survey. Please make sure to finish the survey by October 20th.

-ASCSU Department of Health
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Personal Characteristics
There may be limitations to the response options provided, and the response categories offered may not represent your full identity nor use the language you prefer. We care about all identities and experiences and ask that you indicate which choice best describes you.
Which term do you use to describe your gender identity?
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What term best describes your sexual orientation?
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How do you usually describe yourself? (Please select ALL that apply)
Are there any identities which you hold that you would like us to know about (ex. single parent, adult learner, first generation, etc)?
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