Mp3 Experiment Participant Survey
Thanks for participating in our annual Mp3 Experiment in Brooklyn Bridge Park this year. We'd love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve the Mp3 Experiment experience for our participants.
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How many Mp3 Experiments have you attended?
What year was your first Mp3 Experiment?
What has been your favorite Mp3 Experiment?
Why was it your favorite?
What were your favorite activities in this year's event?
Was there anything you didn't like or found frustrating about this year's event?
How did you download the audio file?
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Did you have any problems with the app?
Did you feel like you were in sync with the group?
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What did you think about the amount of props you were asked to bring?
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What are good times for an Mp3 Experiment? (Check all that apply)
Any other opinions about when the event takes place?
If the event is on a week night, is 7 PM a good start time?
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Where do you live?
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What are important factors in the location for the Mp3 Experiment? (Check all that apply)
What is the MOST important factor to you in terms of location?
How did you first find out about The Mp3 Experiment?
How did you find out about this year's Mp3 Experiment?
What should we do to get the word out to even more people for next year?
Do you have any ideas for props we could ask people to bring to a future Mp3 Experiment?
Do you have any ideas for things we could ask people to wear at a future Mp3 Experiment?
Do you have any ideas for activities for a future Mp3 Experiment?
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