Pet Therapy - Delhi

1.That the foremost priority of Fur Ball Story is the health of its dogs so a session may be cancelled, rescheduled or terminated, at any stage, if the handler or the manager feels that its in the best interest of the dogs to do so.
2. That In case the session is either cancelled or rescheduled, by Fur Ball Story, a full refund will be initiated by us, but if the cancellation is done by the client within 24 hours of the session, only 50% of the session amount will be refunded by Fur Ball Story.
3.That Fur Ball Story will not encourage or tolerate any kind of force, pressure, or discomfort, being put on its dog during the session, and if any such thing is done, Fur Ball Story will not be responsible if the dog snaps back, or if the dog gets hurt, the client will be responsible for the monetary damages to Fur Ball Story.
4.That the dogs are not permitted to be picked up forcefully. A prior consent from the handler is required before the dog is picked up for whatsoever reason.
5. That photos of our dogs during the session can only be clicked once the handler or the manager of Fur Ball has given the consent to do so.
6. That very photo that is taken, of our dogs, during the session, by whosever present in the session, Fur Ball Story will have the sole copyright on those photos unless explicitly stated otherwise in a written form of contract.
7. That the submission of form does not guarantee your booking. Booking will be confirmed by our executive in person only after discussion with the client.
8. That in case of a dispute, the jurisdiction shall lay in the district courts of Gurgaon and be governed by law of the land of Republic of India.

On submission of form, it will be assumed that you have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions stated herein.
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