Fiwygin Outdoors Survey!
Fiwygin is pronounced like "fusion" and is a concept/group in response to and in solidarity with all the people who have ever felt like they didn't belong or fit in outdoors.

Fiwygin Outdoors strives to eliminate the fears and barriers that folks have to getting outside, by making it fun, accessible, and welcoming to all people!

Help us make Fiywgin Outdoors even better! Your participation will help us ensure we are meeting the needs of the community. Regardless of if you have or if you have not attended a Fiwygin Outdoors event, we encourage you to provide your input. All survey questions are optional and your answers will be anonymous. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter/email list at

Have you ever attended a Fiwygin Outdoors event?
What activities are you interested in participating in (regardless of experience level or having the right equipment)? Choose all that apply. *
Are there any outdoor activities that you haven't done (yet), that you want to do? If so, what are they?
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Check all the reasons you've ever not done an outdoor activity.
What day/time would you like to see Fiwygin Outdoors events happen?
How often would you like Fiwygin Outdoors to Occur?
Where would you like Fiwygin Outdoors to take place?
Right now, Fiwygin Outdoors has taken place at/near Theodore Wirth park because it has running/biking trails, as well as water trails, which allows for multiple sport options. We are open to having it rotate locations, but need suggestions of where you'd like to go.
Would you like the format of Fiwygin Outdoors to be?
We are considering a late summer group camping trip. Would you be interested in attending?
Please check any that you identify as:
Why do we ask? Because Fiwygin Outdoors wants to get underrepresented folks into the outdoors! The better we understand who is interested/what the barriers are, the better we can serve you with programs/activities that you want.
Your Age:
Why do we ask your age? We want to be intentional about serving underrepresented communities. Knowing your age helps us better understand who is spending time outside, and who is not but wants to be!
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Photos from the July 9th, 2016 Fiwygin Outdoors Event
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