Mission Thrive Summer Peer Crew Leader Application 2018
You know what Mission Thrive Summer is all about and you're excited to share this experience with more Baltimore City high school students! We're looking for returning crew members to play an integral role in this year's summer. As a Peer Crew Leader you'll be a role model, workshop facilitator, and mentor to first time Mission Thrive members.

IMPORTANT: You must register for YouthWorks in order to participate in this program. Register at www.youthworks.oedworks.com. Call or e-mail Ms. Omnia Azar with any questions at (443) 531-8346 or rffeducation@civicworks.com

Application Deadline: Febuary 23, 2018
YouthWorks Application Deadline: March 2, 2018
YouthWorks Interview: To be scheduled through YouthWorks program
Mission Thrive interview: Week of March 25th, 2018
Youth + Parent Orientation: Week of June 17, 2018
Work dates: June 25th - July 27th, 2018

Additional details about the Peer Crew Leader role will be shared at interviews.

Mission Thrive Summer is a program of Civic Works' Real Food Farm and The Institute For Integrative Health.

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You must register for YouthWorks in order to participate in the paid program. Register at www.youthworks.oedworks.com. This is different than your Mission Thrive Summer application!
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Please provide thoughtful, short paragraph answers to the following questions. Aim for 4-6 sentences in response to each question.
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As a Peer Crew Leader, how would you have helped manage those challenges with other crew members? *
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Which Mission Thrive Summer core value do you think is easiest for you to demonstrate and why? *
Reminder: (1)Try It On!: Keep an open mind - try something at least once before passing judgment. (2)Accountability: Act responsibly and honestly (3)Teamwork: Cooperate and communicate with others (4)Healthy Choices: Make decisions that benefit your mind, body, and community
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We will follow up with you the week of March 27th, 2017 to schedule your interview. There will be four available Peer Crew Leader slots. Enter your initials here:
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