Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen Survey 2021
Contact : Tanya Sen, Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, 215-430-0555 ext. 101,

Please take a few minutes to fill out this important survey about your Food Program,.

The Coalition uses this information to:
1) Raise public awareness about how food pantries and soup kitchens fight hunger in our community

2) Tell legislators why it's important to support programs that keep people from going hungry, especially the State Food Purchase Program, which provides food for many food pantries

3) Update your program's information and hours in our database for more accurate referrals

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Contact Information
If you are a food program coordinator, please provide your contact information in this section. Your contact information WILL NOT be published, the Coalition Against Hunger will use this information for internal purposes only. The Coalition Against Hunger may use this information to contact you with questions about your food programs and to connect you with additional resources.
Name *
Email *
Phone number *
Please indicate if phone number is a personal number or your food program number.
If there is an alternate way that you would like to be contacted, provide details below.
Program Information
In this section, we will ask you for some information about your program. This information may be used to connect individuals to your services.
Type of Program *
Name of pantry or food program *
Address (Please include City, State Zip Code, and any special instructions) *
Website of program (if applicable)
E-mail address of program (if applicable)
Does your program have a phone number that clients looking for food can call? *
If "Yes" please provide the phone number
Food Program days and times of service. Please be as descriptive as possible! *
Does your food program operate: *
How often can guests (clients) visit your program for food? *
Can anyone get food from your program or do you just serve a certain area/clientele? *
Please specify "We serve only a certain ZIP Code/clientele"
Do you require referrals to your feeding program? *
Please specify if "Yes".
Include what type of organization the referral must be from, how the referral should be sent to your program, and any necessary contact information.
Are you closed during any times of the year? *
Example: Holidays, inclement weather, summer vacation
If "Yes" when?
If you operate a food pantry, does the pantry:
Is your facility handicapped accessible? *
Are additional languages offered for non-English speaking clients? *
Do you offer additional resources for clients in addition to food? If yes, please explain.
If your food program has changed service due to COVID-19 please explain below. Please include information about closures and reopening, along with dates if possible.
Can we use your program information to update the Coalition Against Hunger's Food Pantry map? *
Can we share your program information with other resource platforms? This may allow additional participants to learn about your program. *
Additional Information
Below we will collect additional information about your food program. This information will not be published and will be used for internal purposes only. This information may be used to connect your program to additional resources.
Number of people your program sees on average each month
Number of years your food program has been operating
Does your program have a 501c3 non-profit status?
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Does your program have the ability to pick-up food donations on a regular basis?
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Does your program serve a holiday meal in November/December?
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Does your program need more volunteers? If so, please describe your volunteer needs.
Are there any Coalition Against Hunger programs that you would like more information about:
Is there anything else that you would like us to know?
Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today about your food program. You can see our pantry map at IF THERE IS A CHANGE WITH YOUR PROGRAM please contact us and let us know so that we do not continue referring people to your program. You can call us at 215-430-0555 ext 106 or email
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