PLEASE DAVEN FOR ME at Ari's Yahrzeit


I am blessed that I will be participating at the Yahrzeit of the Holy G-dly ARI in TZFAT on July 13/14 and it would be my privilege to be a shaliach to daven for you while I am there

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Feel free to be specific but remember. "Be Careful for What You Ask For . . . You Might Get It."
So, it is always good to daven that Your will is Hashem's will

Of Course - all will be kept completely confidential

NOTE: Praying / Davening for someone is always a privilege, and there is and always will be no cost at all.

However, our sages have taught is that it is important to create a kli - a vessel to hold the bracha or vessels coming down. So It is always good to give Tzedaka to the charity of your choice to help effect the bracha. But please give in the merit of the Ari HaKadosh. We have listed a few suggestions below, but the key is to give somewhere / anywhere to help "effect" the bracha.

May Hashem answer your prayers in the sweetest most revealed beautiful way

Chaim David Yosef (Eric) Targan Articles on The Geula & Healing
www.Abra-Ca-Dabra-org Kabbalistic Energy Healing Not for Profit Foundation to help shift world to Geula Consciousness

"From the Frontlines of the Geula

Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes Foundation - Oldest Jewish Charity started by RAMBAN in 1200s
- Many affiliated organizations have there own links here. US# 718-243-2495

MIghdal Ohr - Bridal Funds
Fund started by the famous Rabbi Grossman - winner of the Israel Prize -- which helps orphaned children make weddings. Run by a friend of mine. Contact

Geula Foundation - this is us for full disclosure. Living, Breathing, Speaking, Writing to tens of thousands and "working on" the Geula nonstop, this organization and its founder have been working to help shift world consciousness to Geula Consciousness -- as Corona and the Riots and showing us we are already in the Geula, as Hashem is trying to wake us up.


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