REDX Club Application Form
This is further to your application for setting up a REDX Club in your organization. Fill out the following details and submit by 15th October, 2017. You need to upload files for some questions in the form. In case there is an issue while uploading files, send them to

A successful application demonstrates that you and your founding members are organized, dedicated, creative, responsible, and passionate about finding solutions to problems that can impact billions of lives. REDX clubs emphasize the peer-to-peer invention process, so it is critical to build a great peer network.

(1) Create a core team

You need at least 3 people to come together and take on the roles of Coordinator, Treasurer, Webmaster and Project Leads. You can also add other roles. These core team members will coordinate most of the REDX Club’s meetings, activities, projects, speakers, and other Club functions.

(2) Confirm a REDX Club Advisor

The advisor is typically a faculty member, organization's senior member/ leader or a scientist. This person is responsible for leading negotiations within the organization with seniors/ members and acting as an advisor.

(3) Designate Space

You will need a conference room or classroom space to host the weekly spot-probe discussions. You will also need internet connectivity plus a video screen to watch online content. Upload photos of these facilities along with your submission form..

(4) Populate Calendar

Each Spot-Probe cycle lasts 10 weeks, 2 hours per week. Select your weekly slot, start date and end date,

(5) Assemble a REDX Club Senior Board

This group of approximately five to ten leaders are responsible for selecting projects, Your team should include people with diverse skills and interests -- including skills in engineering, IT, business and design. In the beginning, your Club may not have many material resources available. As a result, your Board’s most important resource will be the contacts you can convene: people you know with skills, expertise, materials, facilities, and other resources that will help you put your ideas into action.

REDX - Rethinking Engineering Design eXecution
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