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Due Diligence
We undertake Due Diligence on all investment opportunities where our members indicate sufficient interest. This can be between 6-12 per year. We manage the process, however we need your industry, skills and experience too provide valuable insight. The following is a list of areas from our Due Diligence checklist - which areas you would be comfortable assisting with:
Due Diligence areas, and your current level of experience
Keen to learn
Corporate organisation
Real property, plant and equipment
Marketing & distribution
Products & technology
Management & employees
Industry Experience
To help us match you with opportunities to review or screen, please help us understand your specific industry experience.

For each industry you have experience in, please note an appropriate keyword to help us understand the specific area of the industry relevant to your experience:
Advertising, Market Research and Management Services
Administrative and Support Services
Agriculture (example keywords: Horticulture, Farming)
Arts and Recreation Services (example keywords: Sports and Recreation, Repair and Maintenance, Personal Care Services)
Construction (example keywords: Residential, Commercial, Civil, Construction services, Architectural )
Engineering (example keywords: Civil, Industrial)
Education and Training
Financial and Insurance services (example keywords: Accounting, Advisory, Capital raising, Investment )
Forestry & Logging
Government (example keywords: Local, Centre, Defence, Public Safety)
Health Care and Social Assistance
Information Technology Services
Legal Services
Marine (example keywords: Fishing, Aquaculture)
Media and Telecommunications
Manufacturing (example keywords: Food and Bev, Textiles and Clothing, Wood and Paper, Petroleum, Metal Products, Equipment and Machinery, Furniture and Other)
Property (example keywords: Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services)
Retail Trade
Scientific (example keywords: Agri-tech, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals )
Tourism (example keywords: Accommodation, Food Services)
Transport, Postal and Warehousing
Utilities (example keywords: Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste Services)
Background Skills and Expertise
Please select the Background Skills from the list below in which you have expertise, and ensure you provide a few key words to help us understand your specific areas of expertise.

For each skill, enter Yes if you have relevant to you OR note an appropriate keyword to better help us understand your specific area of expertise:
Accounting and Compliance
Advertising and Media
Due Diligence
IT/Technology (example keywords: Implementing, developing, SaaS, ERP, video games, internet, mobile, WEB business)
Intellectual property (example keywords: Patents, trade marks, licensing, litigation)
Legal (example keywords: Licensing, commercialisation, litigation, dispute resolution)
Sales and Marketing (example keywords: Publications, social media, media)
Geographical Experience
Please check the Geographical areas below where you have business experience:
In which countries have you had business experience:
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