360 Video questionnaire: "Act for a Better Tomorrow"
This questionnaire measures responses to videos produced in MSP 4741/8741: Emergent Media Production (Zaylea) in collaboration with MSP 4446/8446: Psychological Processing of Media (Lombard) in Fall 2019.
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Researcher name (first and last):
Documentary video: "Act for a Better Tomorrow"
Audio source for VR headset? *
Standing/sitting for VR headset? *
Where will the viewing take place? *
Instructions for setting up equipment
Make sure you have the equipment needed: SMARTPHONE (IOS or Android), INTERNET connection (preferably WiFi), VR HEADSET, and HEADPHONES or EARBUDS (either your own or the participant's).

Prepare the phone:
* Make sure you have installed the YouTube app on the phone (available in the IOS and Google Play stores).
* Close all other apps and then open the YouTube app.
* Load the test video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgSTdw1nd2w).

Insert phone into HMD viewer:
* With the open viewing lenses facing you, for the VR Box remove the side drawer by pulling the tab at the right; for the other VR headset open the latch to the chamber where the phone will go.
* Take any external protective case off of your cell phone.
* Insert the phone into the drawer or chamber with the screen facing you; for the VR Box use the spring-loaded brace at the top to hold it in place, for the other VR headset the foam pad will hold the phone in place; make sure the phone is at the center of the space so the image for each eye will appear properly to the viewer.

Test the setup:
* Find and press the small headset icon at the bottom of the video image in the YouTube app and make sure the screen divides into two identical pictures, one for each eye.
* Press play to start the video.
* For the VR Box put the viewer drawer with the phone in it back into the headset or for the other VR headset put the phone in the chamber; adjust the strap(s) and use the levers at the top or bottom of the headset to adjust your view.
* Put the headphones or earbuds on.
* Make sure picture and sound are working properly.
* Remove the drawer or phone and set the video back to the beginning so you're ready for when the participant will watch the test video.
WHEN THE PARTICIPANT ARRIVES: Welcome them and read 360 videos description
When they arrive, welcome and thank the participant for their help with the study.

Tell them that you know they may already be familiar with 360 videos, but just to make sure everyone in our study has the information, you're going to read a couple sentences to them.

READ THIS TO THEM: "360-degree videos are video recordings where the camera records views in every direction at the same time. When you watch the video with a headset you can control which direction you see by moving your head."

Ask them if they have any questions.

Ask them to read and complete the consent form on the next page and then to let you know when they're ready for the video.
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