Help Me to Improve Art Of Guitar by Answering a Few Questions
Your answers here will help me to decide what courses and content to create on the Art of Guitar site, so thanks in advance for answering as completely and honestly as possible.

Your answers are recorded anonymously----I won't be able to attach your name to your responses and I won't be able to respond to you! So please send me personal messages or specific questions via email to simply respond to any Art of Guitar Email you get in your inbox.
Are you a classical guitar player?
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What do you most want to learn to play on guitar?
Hint: a specific piece of repertoire (or two), a kind of music, or a technique (tremolo, vibrato etc)
What's your biggest musical or technical hurdle?
What level are you as a classical guitarist?
Choose the closest level---don't underestimate yourself
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How's your sight-reading?
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What else could I create on Art of Guitar that would help you?
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