Модель ООН для молодежи на английском языке
13 июня, среда
14:00 - 15:30

Модель ООН для молодежи проводит Солен, ЕВС волонтер из Франции.

"A North-Corean factory is suspected to just have crashed down, letting a lot of chemical component into a South-Corean river, which is supplying water in a whole region. The pollution and damage resulting from it is enormous, and the gouvernement of the south is accusing their neighbors of having done that on purpose, according to their secret services. The tension is escalating since powerful countries have already took side and are deploying military forces in case. The UN Security Council has to react quickly and efficiently. You like to debate ? You would like to learn it ? Get confidence while speaking in public through practical exercises ? Know more about UNO work ? Come and take part to the MUN! No previous knowledge about anything political is needed, only motivation!"

Познакомьтесь с программой всего фестиваля и найдите другие интересные мероприятия для своих детей и себя: http://www.vitatiim.ee/ru/nasha-zhizn/61-everyone-is-learning.html

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