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2018 main season CSA sign ups are currently live! After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to confirm details and availability. Diggin' Roots Farm CSA shares are limited to 60 members. Spots will be held in the order they are received. To hold your share, we kindly ask that payment be made within one week of submitting this form. Please complete the entire order and confirm that your contact information is accurate. Also, please be sure to check out our inaugural lamb offerings if you are interested, and thank you for your support!
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A Referral Reality
Loyal, dedicated customers are our greatest asset. To show our appreciation, we are happy to offer a referral credit for your good word in the community. Tell your friends and family how to sign up, and encourage them to eat with us this season! For each successful referral, you will earn $15, which can be redeemed for extra goodies during the season (bulk tomatoes? farmers market?). It can also be applied towards next year's CSA share, OR we will write you a check at the end of the season (by Oct 31st). If you have been referred, be sure to clearly indicate below who told you about Diggin' Roots Farm.
What's the nitty gritty? How does CSA work?
Diggin Roots Farm offers a 22-week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, from mid-June through mid-November. You identify which pick-up location and share size works best for your family. Boxes are packed for you and you repack into your own bag or box to take home.
The CSA symbiosis... *
By checking "I'm in!" below, you agree to read the Q&A on CSA, and that you are aware of the diverse, unpredictable, bountiful, and delicious aspects of a farm-direct food relationship. Please call if you have any questions. Find the Q&A here: http://digginrootsfarm.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/csa-qa.pdf
Where would you like to pick-up?
We have three options for CSA share pick-up. If you cannot pick-up your share, please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. We ask that members explain the pick-up location and procedure to any substitute folks. Shares that are not retrieved during the pick-up times will be donated to a food pantry or to the drop site host.
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How much food do you want?
- Full Share: Full shares typically contain 8-12 varieties equivalent to 1-2 grocery bags of produce. For reference, our goal with a full share is to provide a three or four person family enough produce for a week, though this rate of use will ultimately depend on the culinary culture of each household. These are valued at $33-$35/week

- Partial Share: A little more than half of the produce included in a full share (6-9 items), this share could feed one or two adults, or a family that consistently dines out. These are valued at $23-$25/week - ---

- Market Share: You choose what you want from our booth at the Silverton Farmers' Market and we'll subtract it from your total credit. The full market share costs $400 and gives you $420 (5% discount) to spend at our Silverton Farmers' Market booth from late May to early October. Your balance cannot roll over to another year or be used for purchases outside of our market stand.

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Please select all discounts that apply to your order. Note: Available to Full and Partial Share customers only.
Math Quiz! What is your total CSA Payment?
For example: A local, returning, early-bird full-share will cost $685. ($740 minus $55)
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How will you be paying? *
Installment payment is available to those paying by check: Please send two checks, one for immediate deposit, and one post-dated for April 1st. If paying by Credit Card, please call us at 503.759.3969. We will take a secure Square payment over the phone, and immediately send you a receipt. Credit Card transactions will be charged a 4% processing fee.
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Order premium pasture-raised meat with your CSA subscription!
We have a number of meat options available now, exclusively for 2018 CSA customers. For more detailed information on our animals and husbandry practices please visit: http://digginrootsfarm.com/animals/
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