PIFS Annual Division Street Festival
Paying It Forward Store is a local Non-profit that has been helping the local community since November 2015. They gather clothes, shoes, coats, bedding, personal hygiene items and pet supplies. They run a monthly event where they invite those who are struggling in the community out to gather items that they might be in need of for free.
Paying It Forward Store hosts Bazaar events to help raise funds to cover the expenses and to purchase extra items for those in need.

***** 30 Spaces available for Saturday space size is 10 x 12 for $60 on July 13th 2019*********

We have 4 spaces for Non-profits that are at no cost. Proof of 501c3 will be required to get
the space for free.

Registration is first come first serve (Booths WILL sell out!)
Spaces are 10' x 12'
Event is in a field which is not 100% level
Tents, Canopies and Tables are NOT provided.
No Power Is Provided

We will be sending you an invoice via Paypal.com.
When paying online for the event there is a $2.10 fee. The total you will be paying is $62.10.
This is the fastest and best way to secure your spot.

Date: Saturday, July 13th, 2019.

Setup on Saturday, July 13th, 2018 will begin at 8:30 am and must be done by 10:00 AM. Must be torn down starting at 5 PM and finished by 7:00 PM.

Live music from 12 Noon to 5 PM. If you know an artist or bands looking for a place to play, have them contact us at jim@payingitforwardstore.org

To learn more about Paying It Forward Store you can visit us at
www.payingitforwardstore.org or www.facebook.com/payingitforwardstore
Non-profit website www.payingitforwardstore.org

Event page on facebook

**********Once we have approved your application to do your booth at this bazaar you have 14 days to pay the fee, if the fee is not paid within that 14 days, then your application will be voided. We will go to the next vendor that applied.******

Please save this email as a contact from us: jim@payingitforwardstore.org
All responses will be coming from this email.

Only off loading of merchandise will be allowed in the parking lot (Spaces are limited for offloading). We ask that you move your car when you are done to another location to allow for shoppers to be closer. This is on a major busy street, so traffic should be decent. Please do not block a driveway of any of the houses near by.

****No early teardowns*****

**********No guns of any type to be sold on the property at any time***************


Flyers, social media, we will have an event page on facebook, Oregonianlive.com, craigslist, eventbrite.com, nextdoor.com, signs around immediate area. We request vendors to share our online flyer, our facebook event page, and to email at least 5 to 10 friends, family or other contacts in regards to the event.

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